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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Give Consumable Gifts this Christmas

Why not try something new this Christmas. Why not try to give consumable, clutter-free gifts to your loved ones? Instead of having your gifts end up in next year's garage sale, strive to give gifts that are consumable--either used up, eaten or used for an activity.

Start thinking about no obligation gift-giving. Consumable gifts are meant to be enjoyed for a short while and then used up! No guilt. Tickets to any sporting or cultural venue, gift certificates, movie passes or even a night of free babysitting--all are consumable gifts that make memories, not clutter
Give a gift of consumable food or things you make. I am not crafty, but I can make candy sundaes (see resource section) and bath salts (see resource section). These are two gifts that are consumable, clutter-free but I have had wonderful responses from these gifts. You can also make gifts in a jar or decadent chocolate anything!

Give Green. Going green isn't always about recycling--it can be about less stuff! American's need to simplify and quit buying stuff for one another that ends up in garage sales and land fills. Be kind, be thoughtful. Give a gift that no one has to dust or display or wear--even if it is the wrong size. You will be doing your family and friends a favor.

  • One size fits all when you give consumable gifts.

  • No one has to return anything when you give consumable gifts.

  • Worrying about how much you are spending and tit for tat disappears.

  • Guilt disappears.

  • Giving consumable gifts can be addicting and fun!

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    1. I wrote about this very thing last year on Suite101.
      I am all about consumable Christmas gifts as a way to reduce clutter and save money.

    2. Thanks, Crystal, for stopping by. I will check out your suite101. Consumable gifts are so easy.