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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Give Guys Christmas Great Presents

Do you have absolutely no idea of what to get your favorite guy--dad,brother or boyfriend for Christmas? Do these men in your life have everything they could want or need? Is your budget less than it could be? Follow these few easy steps for wonderful gifts to remember.

  • Think about your guy's tastes. Does he like music? Create a mixed CD of his favorite albums. Or create a CD of your favorite music--you could even record an CD of you singing! If you are internet savvy, you could create a Facebook, MySpace or website for him and get him up to speed in the world of the Internet. This could turn into something you both could do together. Spend an hour or two Book marking sites he would like or set up StumbleUpon for him so that all he has to do is press the StumbleUpon button and it would take him to sites of interest

  • Email all his friends and have them send him an ecard everyday leading up to Christmas--or do the 12 days of Christmas with an ecard everyday or a regular card everyday. Research different sites on the web to send him different ideas everyday

  • Create things. With a digital camera, create photos of you together for a collage or get a picture and put in on a mouse pad, coffee cup or clock. You can do this at your local CVS, Walgreens or Walmart. With a video camera, video the entire contents of his house or apartment for insurance purposes. This could be hilarious if you have a sense of humor. Get your friends and act out the story of his life! Video his friends and relatives talking about how much they like him.

  • Guys enjoy doing things. Tickets to the local high school or college basketball game or tickets to a golf tournament usually are a big hit. Anything you two can do together is fun for Both of you. Time spent together is the best gift of all.

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