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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

    1. Would you love an inexpensive Christmas gift that is cool? Try this simple craft.  I am definitely craft challenged.  I am not good with my hands and I don't sew.  So when one of my friends showed me how to do this craft, I was hooked.  This is so simple, funky and in- style.  What a unique inexpensive Christmas gift make this year,
      1. No Sew
        Inexpensive Christmas Gifts
        Cut 10 lengths of different color yarn, feathers, ribbons, eyelash yarn and beads of the same color palette. Put the different lengths of yarn around your neck to see if the length is right for you. Any number between 10-15 strands is about the average scarf.
      2. 3
        No Sew
        Inexpensive Christmas Gifts
        Put the strands around your neck again. Tie one knot across from each other about 6 inches down from your neck. Measure down another 4-6 inches and tie knots across from each other at the end of the scarf.
      3. 4
        Add embellishments. You can add different beads to the end of the scarf or anywhere in the middle. You do not have to add beads or strands of beads. Just add anything that you like.

    1. Scarves can be worn on coats or on sweaters or T-shirts.
    2. They can be dressy or casual.
    3. Use your imagination.
    4. Let your creativity show.
    5. There are no wrong way to do these scarves.
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