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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How to Live Below Your Means

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Money Management
Gayle McLaughlin

Do you want to save money? Do you want to spend less money? Of course, everyone wants to live better and spend less. If this frugal way of thinking was easy, everyone would succeed. Just follow a few tips to save money, spend less and live below your means.
  1. Money Management
    Money Management
    Eat Simply. Eat more natural, non-processed foods. Eat fruit, vegetables and grains. You will have more time, maybe lose weight and save money.
  2. Go to the Library. The library isn't just for books anymore. You can get popular DVD's, CD's, magazines. One can even download audiobooks and stream movies at some libraries. Everything is free! If you have children, most libraries have story hours or book clubs or entertainment on a regular basis. The possibilities are endless!

    Check out consignment stores and Thrift stores. If you haven't been to some of these stores in a few years, you will be amazed. It is a popular place for teens to get unique clothing. Fashionistas also shop thrift stores and consignment shops for brand name goods--some things even have the original tags on them. The key is to be flexible in what items you need and want. Also, don't be hung up on certain name brands. If you are flexible, the savings are huge. It also is like going on a treasure hunt, the rewards can be amazing.

  3. Money Management
    Money Management
    Sign up for RSS feeds of coupon blogs. There are millions of blogs that tell you the deals at CVS, Walgreens, Target and Walmart. These blogs will even do deals for you to save you money. They do the work of couponing and deals to get one free items and in some instances, give you free money.

  4. Restrict buying on credit and give up credit cards as much as possible. No matter what you have been told, credit cards cost you money. Even reward cards cost you money. If you could stop using credit cards, you could pay off your debt and start living beneath your means. It is possible.

  5. Start hobbies that do not cost. If you have a hobby that is costing you a lot of money, investigate ways to enjoy your hobby in cheaper ways. If you enjoy going to movies, check out twilight hours or ways to get tickets cheaper. If photography is your hobby, publish your pictures to the web instead of printing them. Or put them on one of the photography sharing sites.

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